A leading as seen on tv consumer products company
Lenfest Media Group was founded by H. Chase Lenfest in 2000. The Lenfest family's strong roots in the cable and media industry date back to the 1970's.
H.F. (Gerry) Lenfest founded Suburban Cable, Radius and Tri-State Media over twenty-five years ago in Lebanon, Pennsylvania with 7,600 subscribers. This was the beginning of Lenfest Communications, Inc. The company grew in size to become within the top twelve cable television companies in the United States with cable television systems in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, as well as interests in France and Australia. In January 2000, the Lenfest family entered into a transaction by which their ownership in the cable television operations of Lenfest Communications was transferred to COMCAST Corporation in a multi-billion dollar transaction.
Today, Lenfest Media Group owns and operates one of the top direct response infomercial television stations, Get It On TV (WMCN-DT), in the country as reported by Response Magazine. Lenfest Media Group has built a business whose sole purpose is to help its partners tap into the power of Direct Response Television.