Lenfest Media Group's Product Criteria & Categories

  Criteria For DRTV Success:
        We search for new products that have the potential to become a simple solution to an everyday problem.

          The odds of having a successful DRTV product campaign are maximized when a product has the following attributes:
  • UNIQUE – Most people would view the product as new and different
  • MASS MARKET – The product should appeal to the majority of TV buyers
  • SOLVES A PROBLEM – The product solves an everyday problem
  • PRICED RIGHT – The product should be able to be priced at $20 or less including a 5 times markup ($1 - $4 cost of goods for a product is the norm). With this pricing, the product must still retain a high perceived value versus its price.
  • EASILY EXPLAINED – The product can be demonstrated and the viewer can understand what it does typically in just 10 seconds.
  • AGE APPROPRIATE – The product should typically appeal to people over the age of 50 (at a minimum it should not exclude this group)
  • CREDIBLE – Most people must believe it works as advertised.
  • EXPANSION POTENTIAL – The product has a better chance of being a hit if it has retail distribution potential, product line extension potential, continuity revenue potential, and natural product upsells and crosssells.
  Target Product Categories:
  • Kitchen Products (Choppers, Slicers, Storage, Pans, Knives, Gadgets, etc.)
  • Bathroom Products (Hands-free Dispensers, Electric Toothbrushes, Faucet Fountain, etc.)
  • Beauty & Personal Care (Hair Removal, Pedicure, Hair Accessories, Wraps, etc.)
  • Housewares (Floor Care, Organizers & Storage, Reachers, Microwave Products, etc.)
  • Home Improvement (Painting Products, Tools, D.I.Y. Solutions, etc.)
  • Pet Products (Brushes, Nail Clippers, Feeding Solutions, Litter Solutions, Cleaners, etc.)
  • Accessories (Sunglasses, Purse Organizers, Gadgets, etc.)
  • Fitness (Ab Products, Push-up/Pull-up Products, Workout Solutions, etc.)
  • Lawn & Garden (Growing Solutions, Tools, Watering Solutions, etc.)
  • Elderly Products (Sound Amplifiers, Mobility Products, Medical Alarms & Pendants, etc.)
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